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Ground Rules

As in, my ground, my rules.

This is not meant to be politically neutral. I don’t plan to come right out and tell you who you should vote for, but I also do not claim to be a journalist who is striving for objectivity. Plus, media already has a bias toward fairness. How can the media be biased toward fairness? I’m so glad you asked.

My humour is irreverent and dry. Some people get it, some don’t. Bottom line, if you read something and think, “He can’t be serious” then I’m probably not.

My goal is not to convert you. Either to my political view or my faith. I’d love if one or the other happened, but that’s not the point of this blog. We won’t agree on everything and that’s OK. God doesn’t need us to agree. Neither do our political leaders. In both faith and politics, each person has to discern for themselves what they believe.

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