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Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t you tell us who you are?

It’s not out of cowardice. Honestly. The truth is there are three reasons. First, I have to protect my congregation. Hosting a blog like this can earn some real hate. If I identify myself, then I am indirectly identifying my church. And they didn’t sign up for that. Second, some people take anything a pastor says as instruction. I don’t want people to think that in order for us to be part of the same family, we have to agree politically. Last, many people believe it is inappropriate for church leaders to comment on politics. I don’t have such a black and white view of things but I do think someone in my position needs to be careful. By not attributing my name to things, it blunts the last two issues.

Can I share your content?

Yes! Please! Share everywhere with everyone! I am just starting out so finding my audience is dependent on those 4 people who will one day make up that audience seeing this. Post my articles, copy and paste sections you like, quote me, whatever floats your boat. All I ask is that you not alter my content in any way and that when you share it that you give me credit. A link back to the article or a mention of the URL would be the easiest and most appreciated way to do that.

Who or what is John Marbury and why do you use him as your name?

Lord John Marbury is the single greatest character ever created.  Written into existence by Aaron Sorkin and brought to life by Roger Rees, he is everything a great TV character should be.

What is a “nerd cousin” post?

We all have that one cousin… You know, the guy at Thanksgiving who goes on and on about a subject in way too much detail.  The guy who reads fan theories about popular movies in an effort to read more into them than the director ever intended.  The guy who likes to start debates about whether we should have cranberry sauce or cranberry jelly.   I’m a nerd cousin.  So every once in a while I post something for my fellow nerd cousins.  All three of them that will care…
Also, for the record, cranberry jelly is the right answer… fight me.

Why do you spell some words weird?


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