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About TTC

Are you someone who tries to follow politics but gets confused by the language being used, the Scheer volume of the language being used (see what I did there? I know I’m hilarious), or the bad haircuts? Well then you’re in luck! You shouldn’t find this blog hard to follow. My goal is spell out the issues simply.

This is an attempt at a blog about faith and politics. Hate either or both of those things? You’re not alone. Most people do. Especially when they’re combined. Most everyone except your drunk uncle at thanksgiving. I will try to be a little more coherent than him, but no promises.

Sometimes I’ll post about politics. I’ll post about provincial, federal, even US politics. Sometimes about Christianity and faith. Sometimes I’ll spice things up like a good risotto and mix the two to make a meal so yummy that Gordon Ramsay would call me a donkey as a compliment.

The presenting of things simply will make some people mad. Some people will think I am being biased in one political direction or another. Some people will think that I am not being true to the Bible. Some people will think I’m being too fundamentalist. Some people will simply be mad that I’m trying this at all. That all goes with the territory.

SO… before you angrily bang away on your keyboard to call me a tool of the devil or a commie or right wing whack job, keep the previous paragraph in mind. Then feel free to call me a tool of the devil or a commie or right wing whack job.


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