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About the Author

John Marbury

I am pastor based in Alberta, Canada.  Well, sort of.  I’m not currently pastoring, but Lord willing I will be again soon.  In another life I’d have been a politician.  In a different life, I’d have been a writer.  The problem is that to be a politician you have to be a horrible person.  And to be writer you have to have some intelligence.  You know where you can be a moron and not be a horrible person?  On anonymous internet blogs!

I love to talk politics and religion.  I have an irreverent sense of humour.  This site gives me an outlet to combine them all.  Whenever possible you’ll see me insert references to anything that Aaron Sorkin has ever written.  Why? Because his writing makes me happy and this is my blog.  That’s why.


Sloan Sabbith

Sloan is a real, honest to goodness friend of John’s.  He or she has been given the name of Sloan because when it comes to the economy and other nerdy things like regulations and protocols, this person is the bee’s knees.  Sloan and John regularly stay up late debating politics and religion and then complain about being tired the next day.  So who is Sloan?  Sloan is a nerd cousin.  What’s a nerd cousin?  I’m so glad you asked.

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