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GUEST POST: Tips for Undecided Voters

Editor’s note:  This is a guest post from a super smart friend of mine.  I’ve added many comments throughout in brackets, mostly because I can’t help myself. .. Also, brackets are these things [].


First things first: John Marbury, the creator and host of this blog has provided me the privilege of contributing to his blog, as a guest [I begged].

Here is a little bit about myself: I have known Mr. Marbury for a number of years, and consider him a close friend [Look mom, I made a friend!].  In order to maintain his anonymity, and for consistency with the blog, I am writing this post under the pseudonym of Sloan Sabbith (click here for the official TTC bio).  I have an interest in economics, and politics.

So you watched the federal leader’s debate (or not), and you still don’t know what the parties stand for, or who you want to vote for.  Well here are some links for you!  To help get a sense of which party best represents your views and positions on a number of topics and issues, use the CBC Vote Compass. There is even a great blog post about it!  Not sure who the main (and fringe) parties are? We’ve got that covered too!  (Part one, part two). Want to learn more about where the parties stand on all the issues?  Check this bad boy out.  Not sure where to vote?  Not sure who the candidates are in your particular riding? Elections Canada has got you covered!. It’s as easy as searching by your postal code [or a Buzzfeed quiz…]!

[We will have a lot more content at TTC over the next two weeks as well, so check back often.]

If you are still uncertain of how you will vote, there are various things that you can do. For instance, the timing of this year’s federal election aligns perfectly after the Thanksgiving Holiday. You know what that means! Politics would make an extremely great thanksgiving dinner conversation [Survey says: It actually doesn’t]! (Disclaimer: if a political discussion at Thanksgiving brings your family together, TTC takes all the credit for solving all your family’s dysfunction; conversely, if a political discussion tears your family apart, that’s all on you – at that point you may as well get as drunk as you can on whatever alcoholic beverages are at your Thanksgiving dinner [it’s sure to enhance the conversation]. On a serious note, don’t drink and drive, stay and annoy people instead).

So what else can you do to help decide how you will vote?

Ask people who know you well, and can help you really decide what issue(s) matter to you most. Read blog posts, news articles, political analysis, and take time for personal reflection. It’s been said that politics is something about which reasonable people can disagree. While that may not always be the case (there are wingnuts on all sides of the political spectrum [I feel personally attacked]), it does help to remind people that there is room for healthy debate and dialogue in political discussions.

Lastly, please consider being an active participant on election day [Do. It.]. I could mention all the people who have fought and died for our freedoms and to fight dictatorship and tyranny; or mention the vast number of people around the world who cannot vote in fair, open elections; or point out that you can’t complain about federal politics until the next federal election if you don’t vote; but instead, I will end with this note:

Democracy literally took down Queens and Kings [and in some cases saved them]. The collective will of the people fundamentally matters. And you have the opportunity to be an active participant in choosing the next government of our great nation.


So please, take the time to get informed, and please vote!


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