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We’re Back!

WHAT?!?! A new post?!?!  Well… sort of.

Assuming that all you read is TTC (and honestly, why would you read anything else?), you may have noticed a lack of things to read on the interwebs over the last few months.  That’s because I haven’t been posting.  It’s possible I bit off more than I could chew with all the stuff I had on the go.

But since I took my little hiatus, every few days someone asks me when I’m going to pick it backup.  Like 5 or 6 people per week.  Clearly most of these people are trying to be nice because at it’s most popular this blog got maybe 2 or 3 views per day.  But I’m going to assume that future posts will get 4, possibly even 5 views now that people realize what they’re missing.  Oh John, you are so naïve and so romantic about this little labour of love.

So, this is my post to let you know that new posts are coming.  Soon.  I will be posting less frequently than I did during the Alberta election.  People forget that I have a job and school and a family that loves me most days.  Seriously, two posts a day almost killed me.  My kids forgot what I look like.  My wife threatened to leave me (that was for completely separate reasons, but I thought it was relevant).  For now I’ll be posting two or three times per week, and I’m hoping for the occasional guest post.  I’ll try to post more frequently as the federal election gets closer, but no promises.

Watch our Facebook page and Twitter feed for announcements about new posts.  Or better yet sign up to be notified by email by clicking the ‘follow’ link at the bottom right corner of the page.

Look out for a post in the next couple of days about how who’s worse, Millenials or Baby Boomers.  Spoiler alert: It’s Baby Boomers.


I encourage you to comment with your thoughts.  I love to debate and clarify.  Before you engage though, please take a moment to review the FAQ and About TTC pages.


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