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Decisions are Made by Those Who Show Up

Today is the final day to vote for the 2019 Alberta election.  The greatest US President of all time said, “Decisions are made by those who show up.”  I agree.  Today is the day to show up.

Many of my loyal readers urged me to start this blog because they wanted easily accessible information about this election.  I hope I’ve helped in some small way.  If not, well, we’ll always have Buzzfeed quizzes

But there is time for one last lesson.  One last plea from me.  It’s simple:  GO VOTE.  Even if you haven’t made up your mind, spoil your ballot (leave it blank or fill it out wrong intentionally).  This blog is full of tools to help you educate yourself and learn how and where to vote.  Still unsure about something?  Use the contact me page or leave a comment.  I will do everything I can to get you the information you need.

In the coming months this blog will become a more generic faith and politics site.  I’ll be covering a wider range of topics.  If you haven’t already, take 2 minutes and let me know what topics you’d like to see.

But for today, just go vote.  Raise your hand.  This wonderful system we have only works if we lend our voice to it.  You will no doubt be bombarded with social media posts imploring you to take 5 minutes to go vote.  Let there be one more… yours.  Remind your friends and family.  Remind the people you hate.  Let’s show up.

It’s really quite something that every few years we get to decide if we want to overthrow the government, and there’s not a single tank in the streets…

Class dismissed.



I encourage you to comment with your thoughts.  I love to debate and clarify.  Before you engage though, please take a moment to review the FAQ and About TTC pages.


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