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A Quick Test to Help Narrow Down Your Vote

Have you ever wished that there was somewhere you could just do a quick internet quiz and find out which party most agrees with you on the important issues?  Of course you have!  Because the political process that defines us as a people should require no more work than a Buzzfeed quiz that tells you how you would die on Murder She Wrote.

Well then rejoice!  Because these tests exist!  The truth is that there are several… thousand.  The problem is that many actually have an agenda.  Just like polls, the information that you can get from them has to be vetted by experts to make sure that it isn’t biased even subconsciously.  A few such neutral tests exist.  The easiest to use and the one I recommend during this election cycle is Vote Compass.  Even if you are from outside of Alberta you can take it for every province or federally.

Now I know what some of you are thinking.  “It’s sponsored by the CBC!  They’re biased themselves!  This can’t possibly be a neutral test!”  Calm down Cathy.  Vote Compass is only hosted by the CBC.  The actual test and the methodology are done by Vox Pop Labs by using experts and technology and… wizardry I assume.  Here’s a little sample from their FAQ:

“Vote Compass is developed by Vox Pop Labs, an independent, non-partisan group of social researchers and data scientists. Neither Vote Compass nor Vox Pop Labs are affiliated with any political organisation or interest group.”

It is incredibly easy to use.  Just click “get started” and answer the questions.  Not all issues are black and white so they give you five options to answer with ranging from “I care about this less than I care about the answer to the Buzzfeed quiz I’m doing to tell me which Danny DeVito character I am” to “This is so important to me that I will minimize this Buzzfeed quiz about what kind of soup I am” (*Actual responses may be worded more scientifically).

After you’ve answered the questions, Vote Compass will compare your responses against the official responses of the different parties and tell you where you fall in comparison.  It gives you a handy little chart.  Then, if you’ve run out of Buzzfeed quizzes for the day, you can even go question by question to see how each party answered the questions.

Is it simplistic?  Yes.  Will it tell you who to vote for?  No.  Can it help you narrow the field down?  Maybe.  That is if you can spare the time from taking Buzzfeed’s quiz to determine what piece of Ikea furniture you are.

For the hyperlink challenged, here is the full link to Vote Compass Alberta

If you feel comfortable doing so, post a screenshot of your results in the comments.


I encourage you to comment with your thoughts.  I love to debate and clarify.  Before you engage though, please take a moment to review the FAQ and About TTC pages.


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